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Stecksystem ORION PLUS
  Win space with two-storey rack systems. One area - double usage.

Traglasten: On request.
Abmessungen: For double-storey rack installations, support frames from the ORION PLUS push-together system with heights of 4500 and 5000 mm (other heights are possible) are used.
Außenmaße: On request.
Ausführungen: The staging passages on the different floors are formed simply by using special support sections onto which high quality chipboard or grating is placed. This type of total construction provides solid, stable general stability for the rack installation.

The high proportion of standard components means maximum cost saving, and the expense of special manufacture is avoided. The expense and difficulty of assembly is also significantly reduced by factory pre-assembly of the support frame and the boltless, push-together assembly of all components. This makes a single-storey racket installation a calculable investment.

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