steel staging system

Bolted systeme SBB
  Every square metre of your commercial area costs money. Optimum space exploitation and short routes are therefore essential.

Traglasten: On request.
Abmessungen: On request.
Außenmaße: On request.
Ausführungen: Customised staging, particularly suitable for high loading, represent an ideal solution for the effective exploitation of your storage and production areas.
The staging is usually covered with chipboard (V 20 E1 or HV 780 E1, plain in each case) with thicknesses of between 30 and 38 mm. It is also possible, if desired, for them to be fitted with coated chipboard (single sided: untreated/white or double-sided: anti slip/white) or with grating..
The particular advantage: It can be dismantled at any time, assembled without difficulty at another location, and can also be freely extended.

Use our free CAD-Service to plan your storage.

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